It’s no secret that public relations is a female-dominated industry; according to a 2018 survey in the Public Relations Review , roughly 75 percent of PR jobs are held by women. But the higher up the ladder you get, the faster those numbers start to fall. The same study notes that just 20 percent of senior communications positions are held by women.

Only 30 percent of PR agencies around the world are helmed by women—and while I’m very proud that ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) is one of them, the disparity is more than a bit disconcerting.

The topic of women in leadership roles has been a hot one for years. Myriad articles have been written about how to improve the numbers of women at the top: supplying mentorship opportunities, crafting a pipeline for female leaders; providing fair and equal pay and benefits; and creating an environment that encourages women to strive for leadership.

These are all key components to growing female representation at the top. Which is why it was so encouraging to learn that the highest office in the land – the incoming President of the United States – named an all-female communications team. What better way to show the skill, determination and power of women in communications roles, than to place them on a global stage?

These women are all standouts in their fields, and perhaps most interesting of all—they are all working mothers. One of the often-stated reasons for lack of women in leadership roles (in PR or just about any other industry) is the need for work/life balance. Women have more earning power than ever before, yet despite great strides being made in our field, there persists a stereotype that mothers (particularly new mothers) can’t devote the time needed to “be on” when the job demands which, as we all know, is sometimes a 24-hour proposition.

And yet—these women have all been chosen for the value, skill and nuance they will bring to the White House Communications Team, which I posit may be the highest of all levels when it comes to PR. Perhaps, then, rather than having women conform to what business thinks a good leader should be, the business world should shift to accommodate what women need in order to be effective leaders.

If the White House can do it, why can’t any other business?

What’s more, this is an incredibly diverse group of women—of the seven-woman staff, four are women of color. In his announcement of the team, President-Elect Joe Biden said, “These qualified, experienced communicators bring diverse perspectives to their work and a shared commitment to building this country back better.”

We advise our clients that they can’t simply pay lip-service to issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion; that change begins only when those with diverse viewpoints have more than a titular seat at the table, and are intimately involved in decision making. In this regard, the Biden-Harris administration is not just walking the walk—they’re talking the talk, and loudly.

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