How To Turn Attorneys into Thought Leaders

People often want to know how we get our attorney clients quoted in high-visibility publications. While there is no single way to develop a media relations program for a law firm, our best practices have allowed us to build robust strategies that have successfully positioned many of our attorneys as thought leaders. The term ‘thought … Keep reading

What Makes a Partner a Good Source for the Media?

Pitching attorneys to the media as subject matter experts is an effective way to bring exposure to a particular law firm or practice. While pitch topics may not always be law-focused, partners can still bring a unique perspective to the media landscape while highlighting their expertise. However, depending on the size of the law firm, … Keep reading

The Covid-19 Pandemic: What We’ve Learned a Year Later

This time last year, the world was panicking, everything was closing, and people were very uncertain about what the next few months would look like. As was the case at most other businesses, ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) employees were sent home for their safety. We stayed in touch with Zoom calls and Slack, while feverishly monitoring … Keep reading

Want More Women Leaders? Look to the White House

It’s no secret that public relations is a female-dominated industry; according to a 2018 survey in the Public Relations Review, roughly 75 percent of PR jobs are held by women. But the higher up the ladder you get, the faster those numbers start to fall. The same study notes that just 20 percent of senior … Keep reading

Maintaining Employee Morale Through the Pandemic

Towards the beginning of the pandemic, employers were pushing out messaging that revolved around the importance of building a strong company culture. In a previous blog, I even shared several tips on how to maintain company culture during this pandemic, but there has been a significant shift in the narrative for communicators. Nobody could have … Keep reading

Communications on Election Day: What’s the Best Approach

Even if you lived under a rock, I’m confident you would still be aware that Tuesday is ( finally ) Election Day. It’s nearly impossible to read the news or go on social media without seeing stories about the candidates or posts encouraging you to vote. If you’re in a battleground state like us, you can’t even escape with television, as nearly every commercial break is full of political ads. On Election Day, you can expect all of this to be at an all-time high.

What does this mean for communications professionals?

Keep reading

How To Wow a Prospect From Behind a Mask

Our team had a new experience this week. We pitched for a piece of new business, in person, wearing masks the entire time. Let me tell you, it was a surreal experience. We’ve spent the last seven months working remotely and connecting with one another and clients only by Zoom or conference call. The day … Keep reading

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