Spring weather is finally here (or maybe it’s summer weather now?). As May flowers begin to bloom, it’s time for this month’s employee feature. The spotlight is on VP Nicole, who is celebrating her birthday this month.

Name: Nicole Lasorda

Title: Vice President

Favorite Part of Working in Public Relations: Having the chance to do something different all the time. One minute I could be working on a news release about a client using wind energy and the next minute I’m putting together a plan and a statement for a crisis on the other side of the country. PR rarely gets boring.

Tip for Other Public Relations Professionals: We never forget that it’s our job to make others look good, – whether it’s a client, a boss or a coworker – but don’t forget to be your own PR person. Make sure you pat yourself on the back every now and again.

Most Memorable Moment at ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表): Can a whole summer/fall count as a moment? Last year, from June-November I traveled for business at an almost constant rate – all while handling a full client load. I went to Chicago; Boise; Ontario, OR; Sacramento; San Francisco; Seattle; Portland; Medford, OR; Sequoia National Park; Long Beach; Albuquerque; Santa Fe; Atlanta; Kennesaw, GA; and Bentonville, AR, plus there were trips to Pittsburgh and the Poconos for personal reasons in there.

Pet Peeve: !!!!!!

Guilty Pleasure: Designer handbags. My most-prized possession is a metallic Stella McCartney clutch.

Favorite After Work Activity: After work? What’s that? Just kidding. Boxing – I box every Tuesday after work and it’s the one thing I’ll miss only in an emergency.

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