A Social Shift: 5 New Best Practices in Social Media

By: Meg Yocum & Mikayla Ickes The other week, the BPR team attended the annual Social Media Day PHL conference to learn about the latest trends in social media practices for businesses. Social media is an ever-evolving landscape, where algorithms and best practices seem to change almost daily. However, here are some of the day’s … Keep reading

3 Reasons Why Social Media is Integral to Your Company’s Success

– Megan Noll

Social media has managed to work its way into nearly every aspect of our lives – we get our news from Twitter, socialize on Facebook and get a glimpse into other people’s worlds on Instagram. Expanding beyond our personal lives, social media continues to play a key role for businesses, as well.

More than 90 percent of medium and large businesses have been using social media in their marketing plans for at least five years, according to a recent survey . However, when it comes to small businesses, there are still 24 percent that have no social media presence at all. These companies are missing out on an easy way to build brand awareness and transparency and establish themselves as thought leaders in their fields. Social Media

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Video and Photography for Dummies

– Colleen Brown

Video and photography are playing an increasingly integral role in how public relations companies are telling stories. However, this service can be tricky for companies that don’t specialize in shooting. Despite the ease of shooting from our smartphones, there is much more that goes into producing a professional photo or video. Here are some tips and tricks you can use from shooting to editing, as well as a handy cheat sheet of terms you may encounter as you begin your video practice. Video and Photography

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4 Key Traditions at the Center of Wimbledon’s Brand

– Jane Ross

Strawberries and cream. Grass courts. White uniforms. Yellow tennis balls. The Championships.

Few events are as recognizable as Wimbledon. I’ve been watching Wimbledon (and all of the tennis Grand Slams, for that matter) as long as I can remember. My mother, a tennis lover, instilled a deep appreciation for the game in my family. It seemed only right that when my family took a trip to London, my mom found a way to get us to Wimbledon. Wimbledon Blog

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How To Avoid a PR Crisis

How To Avoid a PR Crisis
Crisis by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

From data breaches to being called out by the #MeToo movement, countless companies have found themselves in the spotlight recently for the wrong reasons. The power of social media and a 24/7 news cycle make ignoring a potential PR crisis costly, and next to impossible. And once damaged, a good reputation can be difficult to recover.

“While a company may not be able to completely inoculate itself against a future crisis, it can take steps to minimize the chance it will devolve into a public relations disaster,” said BPR President Anne Buchanan in a recent PRGN blog post that stressed the importance of planning, training and a rapid response.

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How To Know Your Target Audience

For a company to succeed, it must understand its target audience. Yet that can be one of the most challenging tasks to master. Alexandra Dinita, General Manager of Free Communication in Romania, shared some insight in a recent Public Relations Global Network blog post .

How to find your target audience.
Courtesy of ccPixs.com

“One cannot generalize about “audience,” Ms. Dinita cautioned. “The very idea of an interlocutor, public or individual, is so nuanced and has so many underlines that it is virtually impossible, nowadays, to extract universal truths about a public, regardless of its type.”

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Employee Feature: June

Although summer doesn’t officially begin until next week, we hope you’re already taking advantage of this beautiful weather. While you soak in the rays, it’s time to announce the June employee feature! This month, the spotlight is on AC Katie. Katie and her new puppy Shiloh

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IHOP and Its Temporary Name Change: Serving Up a Strategy

Courtesy of Pixabay

With the flip of its last initial, the chain became “IHOb.” Anticipation (and a lot of joking) built up as Twitter users guessed what the ‘b’ might stand for. IHOP, IHOb and International House began trending almost immediately. Then another wave of reaction — not all of it positive – rippled across the platform after the big reveal. (Burgers!)

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How to Use Twitter for Business

Twitter has 336 million active monthly users, according to the company’s Q1 letter to shareholders , yet some companies are still not using the social media platform effectively. Amanda Hill, Principal and CEO of Three Box Strategic Communications , noted this in a recent blog post for the Public Relations Global Network.

Courtesy of Pixabay

“Many brands are still missing the mark by not having an intentional Twitter marketing plan and strategy,” Ms. Hill says.  “Being proactive and strategic about your approach can generate positive brand exposure, quality hires, new business and more.”

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