– Maggie Rugolo

With headlines alternating daily between terrorist attacks and political turmoil, reading the news can be painful. It would be much easier to simply put the paper down and live in a blissful bubble of denial and oblivion.

Courtesy of Pixabay

As public relations professionals, we do not have the liberty of denial. We are forced to face the headlines head on and for that we are grateful. Because, yes, while the world can seem unbearable at times, being informed about what is happening makes us better people and professionals.

Being informed allows you to become part of something bigger and connect with the rest of the world. Horrible events are no longer private and are harder to overlook when they are splashed across newspapers. When we read about another person’s grief, their problems become personal to us. For example, terrible headlines about terrorist attacks across the world are often quickly followed by the outpouring of support. Complete strangers are linked by their knowledge of what is happening, and then work together to make a difference and start fixing the problem. By staying informed, you become a part of the solution.

It’s also important to read more than one news site.  In order to be truly educated, it is necessary to read publications from both sides of the political spectrum for example. By reading different publications, we can learn from the various perspectives being offered on a single situation. Reading articles that challenge our views helps us understand other people’s opinions and beliefs. Once we gain this understanding we can better work with clients and reporters who may not share our views.

Staying on top of topics trending in the news helps us draft pitches that will pique a reporter’s interest Staying informed helps us become better public relations professionals.

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