ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表), Happo, Twitter, mentorship Public relations is very much a “learn by doing” industry.  While taking communication classes can certainly help undergraduate students learn why it’s a valued profession, often it’s the internships we complete that truly teach us how to be a PR pro – a testament to those in the field who oversee our work and help us develop along the way.

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking to Dana Dobson’s Intro to PR class at Temple University about the activities  and responsibilities that fill my days as an Account Executive at ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) – mostly media relations, social media and search-engine optimization, or SEO.  I jumped into sharing some best practices in email-pitching reporters, finding the right social media “voice” for a business and helping clients rank #1 in search results, only to find several blank stares from the audience.  As sophomores and juniors majoring in communication, these students are just getting started on the basics of PR and perhaps, understandably so, not yet ready to grasp the nitty-gritty of working at an agency.  How can you coach someone on best practices in emailing reporters when they’re not yet familiar with writing news releases or pitches?  After my presentation, two students approached me asking if I could be their mentor.  Of course, I said yes.

It’s important for those of us in the field to coach the next generation of PR professionals and seek out the opinions of more seasoned communicators, especially since our industry is continually evolving.  That’s why I’m excited to join the next #HAPPO (“Help A PR Pro Out”) Twitter chat, which takes place tonight – Monday, February 18 at 9 p.m. EST – and discusses how to build and sustain a mentor relationship.

ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) is the Philadelphia representative for HAPPO.  Will you join us?  Who knows, you might just meet your next mentor.

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