PHILADELPHIA (April 1, 2019) ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) LLC , a full-service public relations, digital and crisis communications firm in Bryn Mawr, is pleased to announce the office dogs have replaced senior management.

While the firm has been busy onboarding new clients, the dogs organized a coup from within the organization. Employing one of her “silent but deadlies,” Lacey, formerly Chief Herder, cleared the office as employees ran outside to escape the smelly cloud. Former Head Cheerleader Katie locked the door (without opposable thumbs!) behind the fleeing employees, and the dogs secured the office as theirs.

Chief Cuddling Officer Shiloh could be seen smiling from SAE Johnny’s office, which he selected as his new workspace.

The brains behind the operation, Lacey named herself President of Bark-chanan Public Relations, promoting Katie to Executive Vice Paws-ident and Shiloh to Pack Supervisor.

“Woof, woof,” said Lacey. “Woof, woof, woof, woof.”

(Ruff translation: “After spending many hours shadowing the human leaders, we feel confident in our abilities to expertly lead Bark-chanan Public Relations.”)

The human contingent of ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) is reported to be considering puppuccinos and extra treats as part of its strategy to wrest back control of the agency.

APRIL FOOLS! ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) is a full-service public relations, social media and crisis communications firm. Its clients include large corporations as well as leading non-profits. The firm was a founding member of the Public Relations Global Network, a consortium of nearly 50 independently owned public relations firms around the world. For more information, please visit buchananpr.com .

Lacey (Dog), ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Katie (Dog), ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表)


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