“What College Should Have Taught You — But Didn’t: The Top 100 Tips to Succeed at Your First Job,”
Compiled by ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表)

PHILADELPHIA (July 10, 2018) – Wait until more senior colleagues sit down before selecting your seat at a conference table. Always bring something to write on. Know a little bit about golf.

Top 100 Tips to Succeed at Your First Job Just as thousands of college graduates are about to start at their first jobs comes “What College Should’ve Taught You — But Didn’t: The Top 100 Tips to Succeed at Your First Job.” The free, downloadable booklet was created by ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) and is available on the firm’s website.

The list was compiled through interviews with recent college graduates who are several years into their careers, as well as managers who supervise recent grads.

“This is a handy reference guide for anyone starting their career,” said Anne A. Buchanan, APR, president of the firm. “Some of the best tips came from younger workers who are a few years into their careers, sharing tips as they wish they’d known when they entered the workforce.”

Some of the tips are basic — always carry business cards, don’t interrupt, always say “please” and “thank you.” Others are based on personal experience: Overestimate how long a task will take. Never fill in the “to” line of an email until you’ve finished composing it. Always share both your first and last names when you introduce yourself.

ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表), a national PR firm based in Philadelphia, takes a keen interest in helping young people. It runs a year-round paid internship program and holds regular “Foot in the Door Friday” open houses for students considering a career in communications.

The firm plans to update the list each year. Employees and managers who have tips to suggest may email them to Careers@Buchananpr.com .

ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) is a national public relations firm based in Philadelphia. It specializes in brand journalism, digital and crisis communications. The firm was a founding member of the Public Relations Global Network, a consortium of 50 independently owned public relations firms around the world. For more information, please visit https://buchananpr.com .

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